Monday, October 21, 2013

post peace corps

Question; Answer; Actual Answer

Q.  Ohmigod, what was it like?
A.  It was great and hard and rewarding and I loved it, but I'm really happy to be home.
AA.  I hated it so often and I loved it so often and now I miss it so much and I want to go back but I don't ever want to go back again and I miss all my friends and I don't know how to talk to you real people yet and I don't know what to say about anything.  I love consistent running water.

Q.  What's the weirdest thing about coming back to America?
A.  Oh it's just little things I didn't notice before, like how much I love to wash dishes with hot water or how nobody talks to each other in public.
AA.  Sometimes I'm like really pissed off that my WiFi is so slow in my bathtub!

Q.  What did you do over there?
A.  A lot of teaching, traveling, working with groups in the community who seemed willing to try new things, cooking, english classes, whatever I could find really!
AA.  Watched The Wire, twice.

Q.  What's the best thing about being home?
A.  Hot running water, Netflix, reliable public transportation, friends and family, fast internet, my bed, smart phones, the overwhelming clean everywhere, public restrooms, clean clothes, people almost never talk about their weird poop, food options........
AA.  Hot running water.

Q.  What are you going to do next?
A.  [Silence.]

(i'm learning selfie-etiquette)


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Eriica! I've been reading your blog and have really enjoyed seeing your experience unfold. Your latest update made me laugh- love your honesty. Wishing you all the best on finding a fabulous new adventure. ~Cassie from PNC/IDC

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